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To make sure you have the day of your dreams LOVE Weddings has come up with a few top-tips to take the stress out of planning your wedding and to ensure your special day goes smoothly.

1) Prioritise
Don’t waste time getting carried away with the detail of your day until you have put in place the key elements; where and when you'll be married and how much you have to spend

2) Plan, plan, plan
Planning is absolutely key. Buy a wedding planning book to work out a timeline and stick to it as best you can. Remember you only have one pair of hands so ask friends and family to help out - they'll be pleased to feel involved

3) Look at the season
The time of year can inspire many ideas for your wedding, from what you wear to your table decorations. Your wedding month will also offer a variety of seasonal flowers, which can inspire your colour scheme

4) Work together
Create your day together and present a united front to your families. Leave some room for family input - especially if they are contributing financially

5) Respect and compromise
When drawing up your guest list, be sensitive to the expectations of each other and your families. Respect the point of view of others and listen, even if you eventually reject their ideas - be prepared to negotiate and compromise

6) Bridesmaids and best man
Have a reliable best man and chief bridesmaid; it's one less thing to worry about on the day

7) Hiring and firing
Do not hire anyone or anything until you have seen or sampled their product/service. Get every detail in writing and before signing a contract ask: "is this your best price?"

8) Keep calm and carry on
Especially with your nearest and dearest. Don’t alienate anyone you'll need later on

9) Wedding free zones
As exciting as planning a wedding can be make sure you remember to have wedding free evenings or weekends then you won’t lose sight of why you’re making the marriage commitment in the first place

10) Enjoy yourself
Don't forget to have fun along the way! It’s important that you relish the preparation of your big day, as well as the end result

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